Meet Vanessa

I am the president of Mommyfluencer, a boutique influencer marketing and branded content agency that forges new relationships between parenting brands and moms in Canada. We are small and mighty (meet the team) and built on a foundation of values: Authenticity, trust, service, kindness and fun. We are passionate about sparking real connection and when those connections are good, it shows.

Influencer marketing has evolved to make space for micro-influence and grassroots marketing. We create value beyond the number of likes because we think real impact happens in real life, through conversation and connection on a human level. Therefore, we work best with brands who want a balance of smart messaging on social media and in-real-life micro-influence. 

My education is in journalism and I’ve enjoyed a career in both digital and print editorial roles. After I had my first son, I committed to building a freelance business from home so I could optimize my time. I was open-minded with how my business could take shape and began by freelance writing and offering public relations services. When a brand owner asked me to connect her product with a specific group of moms in Toronto, I knew I had found my niche. 

I am lucky enough to spend my days connecting with other moms and women over social media and I’d love to introduce you and your brand to my network!


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Marjorie Celis

Content Creator, Social Engagement specialist

A brand ambassador turned influencer, Marjorie creates funny, relatable content and loves chatting with other parents online. She's great at taking on the voice of the brands she's representing and knows what it takes to increase engagement online.


Sunshine Punzalan

Content Creator, Social Engagement specialist

Sunshine is an experienced influencer and social media manager. Her photos are beautiful and she has a strong set of values that ensure she only aligns with brands she loves. She also knows how to choose the best hashtags for every piece of content.


Noelle Martin

Content Creator, Recipe Developer

Noelle is a registered dietician and mom of three boys. She quickly grew her Instagram following to almost 50k in less than two years with her high quality content and social media expertise. Noelle's original recipes are delicious, convenient and, of course, health-conscious.


Ronit Soroksky


Ronit Soroksky has more than 10 years of experience as a marketer growing established brands and building start-ups. She provides support on brand strategy, creative planning, research and digital media consulting. She is the founder of League of Moms, a directory of services for moms vetted by moms.