Meet Vanessa

I am the president of Mommyfluencer, a boutique influencer marketing and content production agency that forges new relationships between parenting brands and moms in Canada. We are small and mighty (meet the team) and built on a foundation of values: Authenticity, trust, service, kindness and fun. We am passionate about sparking real connection and when those connections are good, it shows.

Influencer marketing has evolved to make space for micro-influence and grassroots marketing. We create value beyond the number of likes because we think real impact happens in real life, through conversation and connection on a human level. Therefore, we work best with brands who want a balance of smart messaging on social media and in-real-life micro-influence. 

My education is in journalism and I’ve enjoyed a career in both digital and print editorial roles. After I had my first son, I committed to building a freelance business from home so I could optimize my time. I was open-minded with how my business could take shape and began by freelance writing and offering public relations services. When a brand owner asked me to connect her product with a specific group of moms in Toronto, I knew I had found my niche. 

I am lucky enough to spend my days connecting with other moms and women over social media and I’d love to introduce you and your brand to my network!


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