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I’m Vanessa, a mom of two hilarious boys and media expert. If you’re not familiar with my Instagram feeds, I’m @vanessagrantmedia and I run @mommyfluencer.

My goal: to connect instamoms with stylish brands. I’ve been a work at home mom since my first was born and as a beauty and fashion writer, I know how helpful (and exciting) a little free swag can be! So, while I’m obviously running a business (other businesses—not moms—pay me), I have chosen moms as my focus, so I can share the love and freebies (and sometimes even actual income) with women who are working their butts off. 

My official Mommyfluencer™ list is a list of curated influencers who I think are fabulous and who companies should contact when they want to share their products with amazing, influential women, like yourself. This is not an exclusive deal. You're free to book collaborations without me and I don't take a cut of your pay.

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