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The Freeze Clinic - Ghost Blogging

How AI is Changing The Face of Beauty

Can a computer assess your skin’s needs better than a human? AI is changing the face of beauty—but is it for the better? We’re on the fence.

Why You Don’t Need Glitter Masks

Glitter masks look like fun, but here’s the thing: the point of skincare is to nourish your skin and in no way does glitter benefit your complexion.

3 Reasons Why Your Skin Looks Dull

Dull skin can happen to the best of us. On the bright side (pun intended), we can help you get glowing, spring skin.

I have had a fantastic experience working with Vanessa. I have been taken aback at Vanessa’s ability to read my mind and deliver a strategy that perfectly represents our vision and style
— Sachi Morris, The Freeze Clinic

Your Shop Girl - blog post editing

How To Layer Like A Boss

Layers are to style as the Millefeuille is to pastries. With a little practice, layering is the easiest way to add visual interest to an outfit and instantly look more put together.

How Image Consulting Will Change Your Life

I have always loved playing with fashion. Nevertheless, it was never something I ever thought I would make a career out of.

Why Cheap Clothes Won’t Make You Happy

I think the number one problem with the way we buy clothing in North America is the fact that we accept it as something that is totally disposable.

Vanessa Grant is in my top 13 favourite humans. She made sure all my blogs were up to snuff.
— Suzanne Colmer, Your Shop Girl

Yellofruit - Sponsored Articles

yellofruit dairy free desserts on the rise

Grocery Dive: Why dairy-free desserts are on the rise

Why not dairy? Plant-based frozen desserts are becoming an increasingly popular choice for consumers.

Grocery Dive: Bananas are the next big thing in packaged foods

A creamy, plant-based dairy alternative, bananas are the perfect health and snack food ingredient.