Three Ways To Improve Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Vanessa recently wrote a piece for Felicity: Inspiring Communications about the problems with influencer marketing and three simple ways to improve influencer campaigns.

Here’s an excerpt:
”Despite ongoing backlash, influencer marketing is only growing. It’s estimated that in 2017, influencer marketing was a $3 billion dollar industry and by 2020, it will be a $10 billion dollar industry. That a lot of money spent on—and a lot of trust put into—people who happen to have lots of followers on Instagram (or Twitter or Facebook, you get the idea). Don’t get me wrong, I think there are some wonderful social media influencers worth your money, but there are just as many who are only trying to cash in on the trend.

So how do you separate the real from the fake in the influencer world?”

Read the full post here.