What Is Influencer Marketing?

Hi! Have we met? If not, I'm Vanessa, a journalist, copy writer and influencer relations specialist. Influencer marketing is a bit of a buzz phrase these days, but what is it? Well, it's getting your product (or service) into the hands of people with influence—usually online, but  not always. These people have engaged followers who want to know what products their favourite virtual celebs use and love. It's basically product placement in the online age, except better and more sincere...no, really. Hear me out.

Product placement isn't new. That the characters in your favourite TV show choose Coke or wear a certain brand of shoes isn't a coincidence. Those placements are paid for. And here's a secret: you know the editor's picks in magazines? They're not always the staff's favourite lipstick or dress or whatever. A few were probably chosen because the brand bought a big ad. Or the editor was given free swag or they owed a publicist a favour. I'm sure you're not shocked. 

But how does product placement work with influencers? Well, it's the same thing only with much more transparency. With rules surrounding disclosure of ads, influencers have to reveal that they're not just instagramming a photo of their takeout dinner for kicks—they're getting kickbacks. And while of course, you'll find people who'll promote any product for money, I have found that many influencers are careful what products they align themselves with because it's literally and figuratively their image and reputation at stake. 

Then there are micro influencers. These are social influencers, with fewer than 10,000 followers. The benefit of micro influencers? Their followers are truly engaged and interested. Micro influencers will sometimes trade posts for product, with no financial transactions needed. It's almost a trade economy. Influencers craft an online image in return for the products they need and want. Businesses give away free product in return for free advertising. And when someone chooses to share your product just because you sent it their way, you know they're happy to have it!

That's where I come in. I like making connections that matter. I'm like an influencer + stylish brand matchmaker. I love working with #mommyfluencers and have a big list of moms with major followings and micro followings to choose from, plus I'm happy to browse Instagram for the perfect fit for your brand.

Want to know more about how I can help? Send me an email! I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Photo by Dũng Trần Việt on Unsplash