How To Pitch Yourself To Sponsors: A Pep Talk for Influencers

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You already have an impressive following on Instagram. Maybe you also have a popular blog. A lot of people already think you're great. Why is it so hard when you have to sell yourself? 

Because we find it difficult to place a monetary value on what we do. I won't go on about women's worth, but what you do is valuable. The ability to create a lifestyle brand and connect with people on social media is a skill and you have it. Remember that.

What businesses want is to align their brand with a lifestyle that their customers relate to. That's where you come in. You have created a virtual world (even if it's real to you) that your followers love to look at and watch, conveniently, on-the-go, literally in the palm of their hands. Your followers relate to you and may even aspire to be like you. They want the products you love because you share why those products make your life easier. Don't feel bad about sharing products you love and getting paid for it. And don't feel embarassed for reaching out to brands to suggest that they hire you. You are helping them. And if they don't see it that way, then it's not the right fit—and is not a reflection of your worth.

Now that you've had your pep talk, here's what you need to know before you start pitching yourself and your feed to potential sponsors:

First, it's all about making a connection (and a little bit about ego)

How would you feel if your a friend called you to rave about their amazing day without even pausing to ask how you were doing? If you're a really good person, you might be excited for them and not think much of it. But most of us might feel a little hurt or annoyed. People need to feel important to feel a connection and are more willing to help each other when they feel that connection. Think about that when pitching to companies. No one wants to hear about how great you are without being buttered up a bit first.

Potential sponsors want to know that you follow them on Instagram. That you've tried their product and love it. Or even that you lol'd reading their latest post. Start your email with something that will show that you connect with their brand and actually care.

Next, it's time to introduce yourself

This part is pretty simple. Introduce yourself and explain who you are, both in real life and online. Include your follower count and blog statistics, plus your social media handles and urls in brackets. Hyperlinking can sometimes mean that your email goes directly to the trash. Make it fun and keep it short. 
For instance:

"I'm Vanessa. I have 1,660 followers on Instagram and two tiny followers in real life. Luckily, my online followers don't constantly ask me for bananas, cookies or if they can use the iPad. You can find me on Instagram: @vanessagrantmedia ( and @mommyfluencer ( Visit my website here:"

Show that you truly want to collaborate

I interviewed my friend and client, Jennifer Chua of Hip Mommies before putting together this post about what makes her want to collaborate with an influencer. She emphasized the importance of showing (again) how you are in alignment with her company. Show that you understand what they do and who they are by suggesting ways you could work together. Brainstorm ideas of the types of posts you'd create, fun contests you could run or ways you could incorporate discount codes or other promotional ideas into your stories.

Include your media kit

Potential sponsors will want to see your engagement rate, audience and who you've worked with in the past. Instead of listing that in your email, mention that your media kit is attached. While your media kit has your collaboration rates, don't be afraid to outline what your ideas would cost and what the value is for hiring you right in your email.

I talk to a lot of influencers. Not just about the campaigns they work on that I coordinate, but also about the business of being an influencer. I get asked a lot how influencers can find more paid work and many of the women I talk to don't know how to approach brands to sponsor their posts.

So, I have created an influencer toolkit to help! It includes tips on how to pitch, a customized pitch email template and access to my list of companies who are looking to collaborate with influencers, a customized media kit, plus additional tools, tips and tricks that I use daily. Get a free preview!

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